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About Us


Hello, my name is Kim. I am the owner operator of Kim’s Small Frey's Daycare. I have been in business since April 1, 2000. I am voluntarily registered by the state of Virginia.


        It is my belief that licensing and the enforcement of standards are in the best interest of all children. I comply with applicable licensing regulations and standards as they relate to my home daycare. These include safety procedures, nutrition, health, provider/child ratios, and record keeping. I am subject to inspection by state officials. I am also infant, child, adult CPR, and first aid certified. I also carry adequate insurance for my facility.


            I am a happily married mom of 2 boys ages 17 and 8. We enjoy baseball a great deal. Both of my boys play and so does my husband. I enjoy watching and practicing with them.


We live in a single family home with a large yard in a pedestrian friendly neighborhood. We have a playground with swings, fort and a slide. We also have a trampoline with a safety enclosure, and smaller equipment for tots.


Our home has a separate room completely dedicated to the daycare children but are by no means limited to just that room. Playing with other children encourages socialization.  I enjoy offering the opportunity to learn about our community and providing fun outings by providing exciting recreational and educational field trips. We enjoy these when child to adult ratios is lower. Rest assured that responsible adult supervision is provided for these field trips. Some of our field trips include the park, movies, strawberry picking, beach, bowling, zoo, McDonalds play land, picnics, Chuck E. Cheeses, pumpkin patch, library story time, walks in the wagon, feeding local ducks, and more.


~ OdetoDaycare ~ 

Little children come to me
 for hugs and books and such.
 I care for all their simple needs,
 and also fiX them lunch.
 I pick up toys, mop up spills,
 and often dry their tears.
  I change their diapers, settle fights,
 and kiss way their fears.
 I tie their shoes, button coats,
 and push them on the swing.
 I really love these kids, you see,
but there is just one thing.
 Call me momma or Ms. Kim,
those names just might fit.......